In the UAE, having blinds are a must to keep the intense heat down that we often experience in the gulf in the Summer months. Blinds and curtains are often the go to solution to keep the temperature and energy bills down. And you may think that a standard manual blind should do the trick however there are some good reasons why having a motorised blinds should be a good choice when choosing them as a solution. If you want to know more read on.

Effortless Control

Having motorised blinds means that there is no pulling a chain up or down for multiple blinds. With one switch you can control not just one but multiple blinds in a room or even a house!  All from a touch of a button on a switch or remote control.

Home Automation has arrived

It’s not just having to touch a button to open and close a blind but also that it can be controlled with timers and programs to automate when blinds open and close. Want the blinds to automatically open in the living room at 8am on Friday and Saturday? Not a problem. or “Hey siri, open the living room blind”. With Automation accessories, it’s now easy to control when, where and how blinds are opened and closed, all with not much user input.

Not enough hours in the day!

With all these points it has to be noted that all of this saves you time and effort. time you can dedicate to other more important things in life than opening and closing blinds. This is why automated blinds are a great tool to have in the open to reduce time and effort and make life easy.

Interested in automating your existing blinds or need new automated blinds for your home? Contact our sales team and they would be happy to assist you in your requirements.