So you are relaxing in your garden on a Friday morning, enjoying your coffee and the pleasant sunshine. Then you realise, those cushions you bought many years ago with your garden furniture are looking very weathered! The fabric has faded, the stitching is coming away. You need new cushions!

The Two options

It’s actually easy to get new cushions made. There are two options. Create new cushion in the same size or add a new cover to your existing cushions if the foam is still in good condition. The best way to check which option is to sit on the cushion and check the foam. Does it return to its normally form once you are sitting on it. If it stays with a depression in it then it is best to replace the foam as well.

The Fabric

The fabric is an important step for outdoor cushions. As the UAE is very warm in the summer months, cushions that are left outside need to be good quality. Otherwise the owner will experience things like fading of the fabric colour, Mould and difficulties cleaning the fabric when dirty. There are lots of suppliers of good quality fabric. Recasens provide 5 Years warranty. Sunbrella give 10 years on fabrics. Pay a little more so the cushions last. Visit Faiha furniture to see a wide range of fabric colours from stripes to plain fabrics.

The Finishing

Now it’s important to decide on the cushion finishing. Concealed Zippers come as standard however its up to the customer to decide on Piping around the cushion edges Are Any straps¬† required? or velcro to attach it to the furniture.

Once this has all been decided and prices agreed its production! Depending on the quantity, cushions can take up to a week or more to produce. With a climate like the UAE, it is always better to go with a good quality fabric to ensure you get cushions that last.