It’s a friday afternoon and you’re relaxing on your sofa and when you realise. This tired old sofa is coming apart! You’ve had it for years and it’s done well but it’s starting to show its age! The stitching is coming away on the corners. The fabric is damaged with marks in places….and then it dawns on you. You need a new Sofa! But you don’t want to go through the whole journey of shopping around furniture stores! It’s expensive and this sofa is so comfy. And they you realise! I can get this Sofa reupholstered and looking like new! But where do you start? We take you through the process…

The first step on this journey is finding a company with expertise in sofa reupholstery. Good quality upholstery shows where accurate stitching has been done that looks neat and tidy. It’s really worth it to find a good company that can do this. Luckly Faiha Furniture have this experience and you are in the right place.

The second step is understanding how worn out your sofa is. Is it just the fabric that needs changing? Does the Foam need changing? What sort of foam density would you like to make it as comfortable. Everyone is different in how they like their comfort levels. Once this is decided, its then on to the fabric.

The fabric is obviously dependent on taste and there a large range of fabric options available. It will depend on the decor of your home and if you want to change the style of the sofa. Budgets will play a part as there are some beautiful but rather expensive fabrics available! 🙂

Once this is decided it’s important to have all this agreed before starting work. If required the customer should visit to see progress and test the foam before final fabric stitching takes place.  The time to complete will depend on the type of sofa and quantity of items to be worked on.

Visit our factory in Al Quoz behind time Square to get advise on sofa reupholstery